At Home Skincare

At Home Skincare

We get a lot of questions on how to take care of your skin at home. This is what we recommend to take care of your skin in between your facial appointments.

 In the morning you should cleanse your skin, some cleansers have toners but if you use a toner that would come next.  If your cotton pad is dirty after using the toner, then you need to do it again.

You would then treat your skin.  If you have acne, dry, rosacea, etc… whatever your skin type, you would use a serum to correct your problem with your skin.  Serums can be pricey but they are very important, use a little bit.

 We recommend an eye cream, depending on your age.  Different eye creams do different things.  They help with fine lines, dark circles, hydration, and puffiness.  Sometimes puffiness can be due to allergies.

 If you are going to be out and about during the day, the last product you would use would be a Moisturizer with Sunscreen.  Even if you are inside all day, you must wear sunscreen.  Our sunscreens do not clog your pores and we have different types.  Ultimate (all skin types), Matte (oily skin), Hydrating (dry skin), and Tinted (for combination skin & oily skin).

 The evening is just as important.  We know that you are tired at the end of the day but definitely cleanse before shutting your eyes.

 Use your cleanser to cleanse your skin, do it twice.  The first cleanse is to remove surface dirt and makeup, the second cleanse is to clean the skin.  If you use a washcloth to help with your cleansing and you still see makeup coming off, then cleanse again.  The toner is used after the cleansing also if you use one.

 Again treat your skin with your serum.  Then use your eye cream.  At night to moisturize use the night cream that was recommended for your skin type.

 This is your daily routine and it seems like a lot but you do get used to it.  In addition to this regimen, you would also exfoliate or mask twice a week.

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