Beneath the Surface is owned by Marcia Mehrali. The Day Spa has been located at its current location for over 7 years, and Marcia has been working in the spa industry for 15 years. We are excited to have a nice, quiet environment for you to relax and enjoy all of our services.  Our second location is opening January 2017!  We will be working with Dolce Viso Salon and will be located in their salon.  The spa is towards the back of the salon.
We offer our College Students a  Discounted Student Menu (need a student ID to gain access this this menu).  We also offer for the regular spa goer facial/massage packages and monthly memberships.  If you have any questions, book an appointment or would like to purchase a Gift Certificate/Card or any of our products, please call the spa at 973.520.8809 (Madison Location) or 973.286.9737 (Millburn Location).

It’s so Important to Exfoliate Your Skin

Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin. To maintain and improve skin health, an effective pharmaceutical skincare is regimen. Restoring and maintaining optimal skincare health cannot be accomplished utilizing traditional over-the-counter products, which only treat the surface of your skin. IMAGE Skincare professional products work at the cellular level to diminish fine lines, fade sun damage, increase hydration, and stimulate cellular turnover for more youthful looking skin.

Winter Skin Care Tips. Leave your skin glowing!! 

Drink Water – hydrate from within with water. Herbal Tea is also great when it is really cold, so drink up. Put moisture back in the air with a Humidifier, it will help your skin remain supple.

Exfoliate – a good body scrub and facial exfoliate needs to be used once a week.  It will keep you fresh and your skin will be free of dead skin cells.

Moisturize – this will help your skin from moisture loss. We like serums because they go deeper in the skin and will keep you moisturized and soft.

Sunscreen – just because you are inside all day you still need at least a SPF 15.  This helps protect your skin from the elements.

Gloves – don’t have red chapped hands this winter. Gloves protect your hands and keep the moisture in.

Lips – don’t ignore them.  It isn’t sexy to have dry, chapped lips, they need protection also.  Keep that lip balm in your purse and apply it as needed.

Winter Products & Services

If you are interested in any products you can order online, email or call in your order, remember we ship for FREE.

  • Ageless Hand Cream with an SPF 15

  • Get Fresh Lemongrass Sugar & Mineral Body Scrubs

  • Get Fresh Lemongrass Dry Oil Spray

  • Ormedic Lip Balm

  • Shira SPF 30 moisturizer

  • Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50

We also sell lots of serums for all skin types from Image Skincare and Shira Organics Pumpkin is great in the fall, Shira Pure Smoothing Pumpkin Mask smells delicious, use once a week to exfoliate. If you have sensitive skin, you can not use this product.

Winter Services at Beneath The Surface Spa

  • Anti Aging Hand Facial

  • Hydrating Lip Treatment

  • Body Buff

  • Image O2 Facial

  • Rejuvenation O2 Infusion Facial

  • Collagen Facial

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